Different Ways To Use Concertina Doors In Your New Home


If you're having a new home built, concertina doors may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But they are amazingly versatile. Concertina doors are constructed from a variety of materials, including vinyl, timber, veneer, and glass framed panels. And they can be custom designed to fulfil specific needs. Here are four ways to use these handy doors to make your home both more functional and attractive.

Sectioning Off A Laundry Or Pantry

One handy use for concertina, or bi-fold, doors is to section off a laundry area in a bathroom or a pantry area in a kitchen. Bi-fold doors are particularly handy for small spaces, as they fold back with an accordion-like action. They only need half the swinging arc space of hinged doors, as the panels sit on either side of a central track once open. The folding panel sections are often quite narrow on these small-area doors and are typically manufactured from materials such as vinyl, timber, veneer or other engineered wood products.

Louvred Wardrobe Doors

Another place to install these doors is in the bedroom. Louvred concertina wardrobe doors let you open up the whole closet at once, without fixed sections of cabinetry blocking access to your clothes. The louvres provide ventilation, preventing the air from getting musty. Again, these types of doors are particularly good for areas that don't have the swinging space for a hinged door. These expanded louvred doors introduce an attractive design element into the bedroom as well.

For A Study Or Den

An unusual place to install internal concertina doors is for a small room, such as a study or den, that adjoins a larger living area that catches abundant daylight. Frosted glass panelled bi-fold doors provide privacy while filtering through a soft, diffused light, thus taking advantage of the lightness of the larger room. Not only will this improve the smaller study area, making it appear less confined, but the larger living area will feel more open and spacious because of the glass panelling. The repetitive design of glass panels in concertina doors, with an elegant vertical emphasis, produces an attractive design detail as well.

Dividing An Open Living Area

Rather than providing an entryway between a bigger and smaller room, glass panelled concertina doors can be installed in an open plan area to section it off, for example between a living and dining area. Even when closed, this will make both areas feel relatively open, due to the repeating glass panels in place of a solid wall. As well, it will provide versatility in using the space. The bi-fold doors can be closed off to create two rooms, allowing some people to read in one place, for example, while others watch TV in another. In this way, these doors combine the benefits of open plan living with the advantages of separate rooms.

Concertina doors can be used in numerous ways to create a more attractive and functional home. They can section off a laundry or pantry area, brighten up a small room, or else be installed as a room divider, allowing you to adjust the space to your needs. Your home builder can provide more specific advice for your home.


12 December 2018

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