3 Cost-Effective Ways To Add Luxury To Your New Kitchen


Kitchens are no longer the humble, isolated rooms that they were in the past. Modern kitchens are an integral part of the social hub of family life and are the centre of open-plan living and dining. This contemporary vision of kitchens means that they're highly visible, and homeowners are putting a lot more thought, time and money into their design.

Because kitchens are such a focal point, an increasing number of people are looking for a more luxurious finish when they're remodelling. Although you may equate luxury with elevated cost, you don't need to spend a small fortune to achieve it. Clever use of key elements and design concepts can have a big impact on the end product. Here are three cost-effective ways that you can bring luxury to your new kitchen.

1. Plenty of storage

Talking about storage space in a kitchen may not sound like a very luxurious topic, but sometimes it's the practical elements that make the most difference. While storage is primarily about functionality and practicality, it's also one of the factors that give high-end kitchens that something extra.

Having ample storage means that your kitchen won't be filled with clutter and mess. Everything will have its place, tucked out of sight, leaving your surfaces clear, sleek and elegant. Even the most expensive kitchen in the world is going to look less than luxurious if the surfaces are covered in unnecessary items that belong in a cupboard.

2. A feature bench top

Bench tops represent one of the largest surface areas in a kitchen, particularly if you're installing an island bench in the centre of the space. Bench tops also give you a chance to make a big visual statement about the style and level of luxury your new kitchen possesses.

Opting for a beautiful natural stone or hardwood timber bench top will take your kitchen to the next level. You can pair them with more standard cabinetry, which will be largely hidden under the bench top surface.

3. Fantastic lighting

Another thing that sets luxury design apart from less glamorous styles is attention to detail. The choice of lighting is one of these details that may seem small but can make a massive difference to the finish of a room. This concept stands true for kitchens, and choosing some truly fantastic lighting will aid in creating a luxurious look.

Pendant lights are a very stylish lighting style that adds a sophisticated, sculptural element to the kitchen. They're ideal for use over an island bench, creating an ambient and intimate feel for informal dining. Smart lighting that's underneath cabinetry and bench top surfaces also provides practical and mood lighting for different times of the day.

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11 December 2018

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