It's Not Food Colouring! Things to Consider When Painting Your Kitchen


Painting a room always requires a fair amount of diligence, but perhaps more is required when it's time to paint your kitchen. In addition to doing a neat and tidy job, you need to consider the fact that this is the room where your food is prepared and stored, and this can influence your choice of paint. The colour is entirely up to you, but you might want to opt for an eco paint that releases a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Why is this something to consider?


Courtesy of a process known as off-gassing (also called outgassing), certain compounds can be released from paint and into the air. Although minute in amount, these compounds can include formaldehyde, fungicides and essentially any solvents contained in the paint. While the bulk of this process takes place as the paint dries, it can continue for several years afterwards. Considering that the kitchen is where your food is prepared, you, of course, want to minimise the possibility of any cross-contamination, however minimal it might be. 

VOCs and Paint

This is why opting for an eco paint that has a minimal amount of VOCs (or is entirely free of VOCs) can be a wise choice when painting this particular room. Choosing an eco paint still allows for a vast multitude of different colours, and it's applied just like regular paint, with the walls needing to be prepared (primed) before you get started. Even though the paint is friendlier to the human body, the necessary safety measures are still required, so make sure the room is well-ventilated. You might even want to turn on your kitchen ventilator or range hood when painting.

The Splashbacks

You could also paint your kitchen splashbacks to give them a new look. Again, a suitably safe paint is a good idea, and if the splashbacks already were in a colour that contrasted the walls behind them, you can paint them in a different colour to the rest of the room. Be sure to remove all grease from the splashbacks (sugar soap can be helpful) before painting. Of course, if painting won't be enough to freshen up your particular splashbacks, you can opt for replacement. If that's more than your budget allows, remember that tile splashbacks can be given a new look with an appropriate sealant.

Your kitchen is going to look fantastic when it's finished, but it will be out of action while the work is being done, so you might need to rely on takeaway food to fuel you during the project.  


21 November 2018

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