4 Reasons to Fit Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers With Soft-Close Actions


There are plenty of changes and upgrades you can make during a kitchen renovation, including changes to your cabinets and drawers. That goes beyond switching materials or designs – you can also choose to have soft-close actions fitted. When you swing a cabinet door closed or push home a drawer, the soft-close action slows it down to ensure there's no slamming involved. It might seem like only a minor renovation, but it comes with several compelling benefits.

1. Less Noise

The most obvious benefit that comes with soft-close kitchen drawers and cabinets is a lack of noise. Whether done accidently or on purpose, slamming a drawer or cabinet makes a lot of noise. That can be annoying for the person currently in the kitchen, and it can even disturb people elsewhere in the house. By fitting soft-close hinges, you'll keep your kitchen much quieter.

2. More Convenient

Most people don't slam their kitchen cabinets and drawers because they want to make a racket – it's often simply more convenient to push a door closed when you're in a hurry instead of softly guiding it back. When you have soft-close hinges fitted, you'll find it easier to move around the kitchen and get everything you need since you'll be able to push a door or drawer away from you and count on it closing without having to worry about slamming.

3. Added Safety

Most soft-close hinges will start slowing down a door or drawer before they get less than a fingertip width from closed. As such, you'll find it much safer to navigate your kitchen. When you push something closed, you won't have to worry about crushing your fingers. Even if your fingers are in the way, you'll only feel the slightest pressure since the door or drawer will be moving very slowly by the time it hits. This is great for everyone, but it's particularly beneficial if you have younger children.

4. No Rattling the Contents

You probably don't think about it, but slamming drawers causes whatever they're holding to move bash around inside. Even slamming a cabinet door can create enough force to move some of its contents. That can be a problem if there's anything fragile inside, but it's annoying even to have things jostled together since they often get disorganised. You can avoid that issue by fitting your kitchen drawers and cabinets with soft-close hinges.

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15 January 2019

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