Essential Principles When Designing a Timeless New Kitchen


When planning a remodel to revamp your kitchen, you may take the route of poring over endless trends trying to find the perfect style for your home. While trends are important when trying to update your space, you should also note that trends do go out of style. As a result, you have to redesign your kitchen after several years. If you want a new kitchen and do not want the hassle of renovating its style in the short term, then you should consider timeless design. This type of design means that the core elements of your kitchen will naturally blend in with other features you include, so you never have to change them for the long run. Below are a few essential tenets to stick to when designing a timeless new kitchen.

Stick to neutral hues

One of the first basics of curating timeless design is to have a neutral colour palette that will not clash with other colours. Although funky colour combinations such as yellow and turquoise will make your space pop, this colour scheme could become boring or overwhelming over time. A better alternative will be to inject colour into your kitchen via appliances and furnishings in the kitchen, then keep your walls neutral. With this approach, you can be guaranteed that your walls will never clash with anything in your kitchen. Furthermore, if you decide to sell your house, the new homeowners will have a blank slate to paint on.

Install Shaker cabinetry

The second tenet to know about designing a timeless kitchen is to choose a classic style for your cabinetry. Some people may assume that classic automatically means boring, but this is not the case. One of the best things about the Shaker style for your cabinets is that they complement both contemporary and traditional home design. Therefore, even when you decide to change the interior design of your entire home, the Shaker cabinets will still work with your scheme. Furthermore, Shaker cabinets are built with longevity in mind, so they should last you several decades when you provide them with the right upkeep.

Include glass features

Another tenet for curating a timeless kitchen is to incorporate glass into the overall design. If you are concerned about the fragility of glass, you should opt for reinforced materials like tempered glass. The first place you could include glass is in your cabinetry by opting for glass inserts. These inserts make it easier to see the contents of your cabinets without always having to open them. In addition to the cabinetry, you can choose to have glass splashbacks that will make your kitchen seem spacious.

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27 November 2018

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