Upgrades to Consider for Your Custom Kitchen Design


When you begin the plans for your custom kitchen, you may have some basic ideas in mind. You may be looking at the wood finishes and lighting fixtures. What you may not think about are the options that you can have added to make your kitchen more functional, less cluttered and more customised for your home. Here are a few upgrades to consider when you begin the custom kitchen design you are dreaming of.

Sliding Coffee Service

One of the items that take up room on countertops is a coffee service area. The coffee area has the coffee pot, creamer, sugar and possibly a few coffee mugs. This can take up a lot of room on the counter that could go to other items. You can clear up the space on the counter by having a sliding coffee service put in place. This sliding option usually slides into a cabinet and is hidden by a door a panel. When you are ready to use it, simply open the door and slide out the service. When you are done, slide it back in place, freeing the counter space.

Roll-Out Pot Shelving

Pots and pans can be difficult to store, especially in cabinets that are too deep or may be too low to really see what space you have. One of the upgrades you can do is have roll-out pot shelving installed. The roll-out option allows you to pull and roll out the shelves to place pots and pans in a row rather than stacked. You can easily store them with the lids on as well. This allows you to keep the entire set in one easy-to-access area without taking up more cabinet space.

Spice Rack Doors

Spices are another item that can take up a lot of space. You can buy space racks, but often they are large and take up a great deal of counter space or cabinet space. Instead, consider having spice rack doors put in place to hold the spices. This can hide them away while making them easy to access. You can also go with magnetic spice containers to clear up even more space in smaller kitchen designs.

You can take any of these ideas, and others, to your custom kitchens contractor. They can discuss materials, scheduling and answer questions you have about the design and remodelling process. They can also give you some ideas that may work well for your kitchen and your lifestyle.


21 November 2018

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