How to install a larger wardrobe in a small bedroom


If your bedroom is limited in space, you may feel as if you can't fit in a wardrobe at all. However, there are smart ways you can use to install a larger wardrobe in your small bedroom. With a more spacious wardrobe, you don't have to worry about clothes piling on the edge of the bed or in baskets on the floor. Read on to find out how you can maximise on the limited space in your bedroom.

1. Install the wardrobe in a recessed wall 

The biggest challenge with wardrobes is the amount of floor space they take up inside a small room. You can avoid this challenge by installing the wardrobe in a recessed wall. Choose a wall surface that can extend outwards (in the opposite direction) so that the wardrobe doesn't take up any floor space inside the room. A recessed wardrobe is convenient for a small space, and it can be designed to be as large as the wall surface allows.

2. Use slender floor-to-ceiling wardrobes

If your bedroom has high ceilings, consider taking advantage of the vertical space by installing floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. A narrow, yet tall wardrobe with this design provides enough space for hanging and piling clothes.

Choose an unused wall inside your bedroom that you can dedicate for the wardrobe. Somewhere between the door and window is a good place to balance out the room. You'd be surprised how many clothes you can fit in a tall wardrobe.

3. Add a mini-dresser to the wardrobe

Along with the wardrobe, add a surface that can act as your personal dresser. Combining a dresser with your wardrobe saves on the extra space you would otherwise need to place a separate dresser. A dresser also makes your wardrobe look sleek and stylish. You can add a dresser in-between the vertical doors of your wardrobe to save on space.

4. Add decorative elements to the wardrobe

A boring wardrobe design is a sure way of making your bedroom feel small and suffocated. You can spice up your plain-looking wardrobe by adding some style to your bedroom décor. For example, adding a mirror to the wardrobe doors makes the unit more useful and exciting to use.

Also, consider unique wooden finishing for the doors, and experiment with various colour shades (deep hues add a modern feel while lighter rustic shades are more antique in nature). Finally, add some stylish handles to the wardrobe doors.


9 November 2018

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